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UA > G4 Tracking

Google is phasing out their universal tracking code as of July 1st and requires migration to their G4 tracking property.

Frequently asked questions

Why does this matter?

Unless we migrate your universal tracking ID to a G4 tracking ID we will lose all the data that has been captured by the original universal tracking ID. Website metrics are vital in strategic decision making along with consumer behaviour and how they interact with your site.

What happens if I have already done this migration?

Great! You beat us to it, if you have already migrated your UA ID to the new G4 ID then we don’t need to do anything on our end. However, we request that you invite us to the property so that we have insights on the site as well. It helps us in the future.

What is included with my purchase?

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How can I get support after purchasing?

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Why should I trust ThemeNectar?

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